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Comments : My first advertisement to be released of which I could get a copy.  The first ad of mine to be ever released was HILL COUNTRY RESORTS - it was a full page ad that was released in Dubai...I couldn't get a copy...working in a copy services firm had its limitations...sometimes, you couldn't get art pulls and the like for your portfolio.

Inspiration : Once given the brief which said that I had to communicate that the Strawberry Children's Nightwear sale is on and that the last year's sale was a success...the starting of Pink Floyd's "Blue Skies" from the Wall struck me... a child's voice is heard to say -"Look Mommy ! There's a plane up there in the sky." This seemed appropriate to me as mostly mothers would be interested in shopping for their kids. So my line was dramatic one and  drew the attention of the right audience too. I just had to substitute my product in that line and add the word "Again" to give the product a familiarity. Minoo approved it at the first go. I even had a cute visual for the ad which was attached with the copy sheet and sent to the agency but was not taken.

Headline :

Look Mummy ! It's Strawberry Stripes Children's Nightwear Sale  Again !
(7th to 11th April - including Sunday).

Bodycopy  :

Yes, folks, we are back with your favourite sale. Of our unique, comfy nightwear  for your little angels aged 3-12. 

Smart night suits for boys, dreamy night dresses and pyjama night dresses for girls. All tailored with the hallmarks of Strawberry Stripes - unfussy, cozy, comfy and reasonabley priced. Also don't miss out on our special prices.

Better hurry, stocks are limited. And you have just 5 days to go.

Baseline :

Smart reasonably-priced clothes for kids 0-12.


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