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A lady in a two-piece bikini using the Video Door Phone.

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Ever heard of a two-piece that ensures security ?

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Honest, it is a two-piece : THE VIDEO DOOR PHONE.

Now you can see and talk to visitors outside your door without opening it.
Just install the two-piece VIDEO DOOR PHONE.

This modern device comprises two pieces - one consisting of a camera, microphone and alarm which is fitted outside your door.
The other consisting of a phone handset, monitor, speaker, ringer and a door release facility.

So you can screen your visitors from wherever you are. And open the door or just bid them goodbye.

The two-piece VIDEO DOOR PHONE ensures absolute security in your home, office or factory. What's more, it is easily installable and reasonably priced.

Now this is a two-piece you should not shy away from buying. Get in touch with us immediately :


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